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Friday, 12 September 2008 12:51

Technology solutions to smaller companies and research organizations

“The road to success is beset with obstacles, foreknowledge of whom, assures smooth sailing.” 

For small enterprises and research organizations taking the next step from R&D towards realization of a product can be the most daunting one. Without a proper understanding of the market requirements even the best idea might not attract the investor’s attention and/or might lose out to better packaged competing technology. At J2 we offer full business solutions to new emerging products based on established or disruptive technologies. With our established wide network of contacts we are able to offer an accurate and in-depth assessment of the technology with respect to costs to product, potential markets and their prognosis, competing technologies, profitable partnerships or alliances along with the risks involved to ensure proper market insertion of new ideas and to maximize gains. J2 offer clients support and assistance in a number of specific areas such as:  

  • J2 technology evaluation (optional)

  • Business solutions/models

  • Cost models

  • Long-term market demand modeling
  • Market requirements
  • Product realization
  • Partner identification 
  • Product and technology roadmap development 
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